DC and WAN Migration Carante Groep

28 April 2022

The DC and WAN migration for the Carante Groep Foundation has now been completed. What have we done:

1. Dual homed Eurofiber ISP with BGP (ipv4 and ipv6) on 2 different DC’s with provider independent IP space taken into production for corporate internet. This runs on 2x ASR 1001-X.
2. Epacity connections of all affiliated foundations moved to new DC.
3. All WAN connections connected to 2x Cisco ASR 1001-X with VRF construction.
4. DMVPN Internet WAN multi-tenant on 2 different DC’s put into production. This is an alternative to Epacity.
5. Additional VRF for hosting Firewalling so we can see and protect traffic from foundations.
6. New DMZs behind an F5 Big-IP HA cluster put into production.
7. EVPN connections from ASVZ moved to new DC and made redundant.
8. Cleaned up old DC.
9. All technical designs drawn up and stored.
10. Transferred to management.
11. WAN and DC network fallback tests performed.
12. DCs are active/active for Corp Internet traffic.
13. VPN Firewall cluster is active on DC3.
14. Internet and hosting Firewall traffic is active on DC2.

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